Pre-Planning a Funeral and Life Insurance

Pre-Planning a Funeral and Life Insurance

There are plenty of benefits to pre-planning a funeral. Pre-planning helps assure your final wishes will be carried out. It helps take some of the stress off of family members. It provides peace of mind for those making the plans. But what all is involved in pre-planning a funeral and what role can life insurance play in the process? Here are some common questions and answers regarding pre-planning a funeral.

Who should be involved when pre-planning a funeral?

Along with the person making their pre-plans, they may also want to include those closest to them to minimize any misunderstandings. Family can offer some valuable input into what they would like to see plans include. A funeral director will also be valuable in making those aware of all of the decisions and options. Many funeral homes offer complimentary pre-planning guides and booklets.

Do I have to pay for everything upfront?

While there are some tax and other benefits to paying for your final expenses in advance, full payment is not necessary. Having a plan in place can be very valuable in and of itself. It is however, extremely helpful to have financial arrangements in place to pay for expenses. This can be done in one of several ways, including having sufficient life insurance.

What are some of my options?

Pre-planning can involve everything from choosing a traditional burial or cremation to selecting a favored charity where contributions can be made to who delivers your eulogy. You can decide whether you prefer a solemn church service or a celebration of life. Pre-planning allows you more control of the events surrounding your final services and the associated expenses.

How much should I anticipate a funeral to cost?

Even a simple cremation and services can cost into the thousands of dollars. Elaborate, catered services can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars. This will totally depend on the type of services you prefer. Keep in mind, there are the feelings of others to consider as well.

Even a modest life insurance policy can take much of stress from loved ones after your death. If you don’t have life insurance or are unsure whether you have sufficient coverage, please feel free to contact us. We can assist you in acquiring affordable life insurance coverage to facilitate your final wishes.

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