Special Events Insurance

Special Events Insurance

If your customers tend to come from a local or regional area, you may host some special events throughout the year. These usually involve some sort of sale or special pricing, but they may also include a variety of promotional activities that will attract a larger crowd. These can include things like free popcorn or hotdogs, live music, face painting and the seemingly obligatory bounce houses.

These events can be terrific for a business as they increase name awareness, bring people to your location and position you in a favorable light.

What if someone becomes ill after eating one of those hotdogs, got injured in the bounce house or tripped and fell over a power cord running across your parking lot? What if they sued you for their injuries during such an event? Would you be covered?

If you have liability coverage as part of your business insurance, you will likely have at least some protection. But such activities could be viewed as out of the day-to-day operating parameters of your business. This is where having a discussion about your plans ahead of time with your independent business insurance can prove to be valuable.

Your event may be covered just by letting them know it is taking place. You may also be better served by acquiring special event insurance for added protection.

Special event coverage can make sure your business is covered whether you are operating a car dealer, bank or real estate company. It can cover entertainment, kiddie events, or even athletic activities. It can help protect you in case injuries occur to visitors or volunteers.

Special event coverage is not only valuable for businesses, but for churches and non-profit organizations who routinely schedule fundraisers and community events.

If you are considering planning an event to celebrate a holiday, business anniversary, or even to serve as a way to raise money for a special project, contact us about the benefits of special event insurance. You certainly don’t want those free hotdogs to come back and bite you.

For special event, liability and the full range of business insurance products, we invite you to learn more by contacting us. Let’s talk about your business and its activities. We will compile a plan designed specifically for your business. Connect with us today!

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