Tapping Into The Genius of Your Staff to Make Your Business Better

Tapping Into The Genius of Your Staff to Make Your Business Better

When you think about the assets of your business you may think about the equipment, furnishings, inventory, technology and financial resources. Many companies talk about how their employees are one of their greatest assets. But what is it about those employees that makes them so valuable? Is it because they are experienced or well-trained? Is it that they know your customers and care about the products and services they represent? It could be all of this and more. But are you tapping into the genius of your staff to make your business better? All it may take is the right questions. Here are some questions to ask your staff that may help bring out their inner genius to help grow your company.

  • “What questions are you most frequently asked about our company?” Front-line employees are often asked and answer the most questions regarding your company. These questions provide insight into misperceptions about your organization. It can help identify areas where your customers are not properly informed or knowledgeable about your business.
  • “Can you name the three top areas where you see waste in our business?” Asking for a specific number of responses may help them consider your question more deeply. Staff often sees waste frequently that ownership or management may miss.
  • “What incentives work best to motivate you?” You may even want to provide examples. Many companies are surprised to learn more flex time or time off is more important than compensation. Perhaps working from home helps single parents to minimize day care costs. Perhaps simple recognition in front of co-workers is important. You may find differing incentives work best for varying individuals.
  • “What tools or assistance do you need to help your performance?” Don’t assume you are providing everything your staff needs. Perhaps they are missing a piece of technology. Maybe there’s additional education and training that would help. You may find a manager is not providing as much assistance or guidance as necessary.
  • “What talents do you have that we are not fully tapping into?” You just may discover hidden talents, skills and ambition that you previously didn’t know existed.

The mere process of asking about their thoughts and opinions is often a morale booster. You may find some genius thoughts and ideas to propel your company to the next level.

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