Fire Pit Safety

Fire Pit Safety

No pun intended, but fire pits are hot. They can be found at modern apartment buildings, hotel outdoor common areas and in the backyards of a growing number of homeowners. Like most trends, fire pits are an off-shoot of previous incarnations like barbecue pits and campfires. Fire pits are gathering places, areas to decompress, and can especially be rewarding in the cooler fall and springtime.They can be simple or complex. They also provide some challenges to safety. Here are a few fire pit safety tips.

Build a Fire Pit Zone

To help ensure the safety of everyone, create a fire pit “zone”. This should be an area that circles the fire pit by at least 8 feet on each side. This is an area that you want to keep clear of flammable fluids or materials and is preferable concrete, stone, or sand. This zone should also accomplish keeping your fire pit far enough away from structures.

Never Leave the Pit Unattended

Even a well-contained fire pit can get out of control if left unattended. Always keep an eye on any fire that is active in your pit.

Don’t Over-Fuel It

Don’t use liquid fire fuel to ignite your fire pit and don’t provide more fuel (wood) that it can safely contain. A big fire can be a bit exciting and even inviting, but can get out of control quickly.

Keep Pets and Children at a Safe Distance

A running pet or unaware child can quickly get too close to a fire pit potentially leading to burns. Active fire pits should be treated like a hot grill or backyard pool. Keep it supervised and keep a close eye on pets and kids.

Fully Extinguish the Fire

Just like a campfire, don’t retire until you are confident the fire pit is fully extinguished and no hot coals remain.

Fire pits are a great addition to enjoying your home, as long as steps are taken to protect it. That is a big reason home insurance is so valuable. It protects your investment, even when you may forget to. Contact one of our independent insurance agents to get a no obligation quote on your homeowners’ insurance today.

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