Working From Home? Here Are Tips to Stay Productive

Working From Home? Here Are Tips to Stay Productive

More Americans are working from home than ever. Whether you are working from home conducting your own business, or serving as an employee, working from home has its positives and negatives.

From a positive standpoint, working from home keeps you out of rush hour traffic. It saves on gas, travel time and frequently can be accomplished wearing jammies. On the other hand, it poses some challenges. Here are some tips to stay productive when working from home.

Create and Stick to a Schedule

Setting specific work hours can be extremely powerful in keeping you productive at home. It also can ensure you don’t overwork. Set a start and stop time and schedule breaks and lunches.

Avoid Tempting Distractions

While having music played in the background is fine, streaming videos or watching television is not. Avoid getting sidetracked by the internet, including news website and social media. If you wouldn’t do it at the office, avoid doing it at home.

Set Up an Area Specifically for Work

If possible, set boundaries as to what is your work space. Take the time to make sure you have everything you need in the space and let family members know you shouldn’t be distracted when in the space.

Write a Daily Report

Even if your work doesn’t require a daily report, tracking your efforts and results can be a good way to stay productive and focused. It can keep you on track to accomplishing important tasks.

Choose the Appropriate Time to Respond to Calls and Messages

Wait until scheduled breaks or your lunch to return personal calls and messages. Keep in mind, unless calls or texts appear urgent, they can usually wait.

Make Sure Your Environment is Comfortable

Experiment with writing and seating configurations to ensure they are comfortable and not creating stress. This includes eyestrain. Keep computer screen glare to a minium and take scheduled breaks.

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